Video Archive

Long, long ago.. when you were still a tiny dribble at your Mothers knee.. YouTube was but a cave.  The YouTube cave didn’t even have running water!  If you wanted a shower, you had to go and fetch water from the well and tip it, bucket by bucket, into a tin bath. If you were lucky, there might be a twig fire for you to dry in front off. That’s if the rats hadn’t eaten the twigs first. Let’s just say, well.. things were basic and ideas of things like widescreen and HD were just crazy dreams of the far off future. How we laughed!

And so, Old Man Stan, who numbers himself among early YouTube pioneers, gathered together all of the blu-tak, string, cellotape and earwax he could find and started to make his first videos.  His proud motto then was, as it it now.. “Never knowingly over polished son.. Upstairs for dancin’ downstairs for finkin’!” 

Everyone's Gone To The Moon, 2008

Can we call this the pilot?  Yes we can! First trip out.. A re-working of the old Jonathan King classic.  Sneaked into ‘The Moon’ for some secretly filmed background footage.  Sunday morning down the town with rice pudding ‘sick’ in a tupperware bowl.. as you do!

Hit Me With Your Bazzo Stick, 2008

Without a doubt the most popular Stan video. It was early days of YouTube and the novelty of seeing the town referred to online was still quite a new thing for many.  Oh and of course, it’s a very clever re-wording of a classic Ian Dury and The Blockheads song, mentioning many street names.. and all in Bazzo!

Bas Vegas Holiday, 2008

A very prolific first year for Stan, this being the third video from 2008.  This time the old boy has missed the bus and is stranded in Vange.. Mind you don’t bump into kebab girl Stan!  Oh.. you did!  It was said they put funny things in the kebabs in Vange..

Fairytale Of Basildon | 2008

Rounding off 2008 with Stan’s very first Christmas video.  A cast of several and very almost a flash mob! The video still picks up views and is even a yearly tradition for some Basildon folks it has been said.  Well you can’t beat a bit of Stan at Christmas and Stan’s sister Ada even made an appearance and to top of a great year, some pennies were raised for charity too!

Here's To Sixty More | 2009

First outing of 2009 which also happened to be Basildon’s 60th birthday year, so Stan reminisces about the old days and first moving to Bazzo.  The film was shown at a festival in Chelmsford that Summer and featured two actual original Basildon housewives, Mrs Binge and Mrs Flange of The Upway.. both have now sadly passed on to the great bingo hall in the sky!

Bas Oddity Pt I | 2009

And then it was war! Confronted by over zealous council bods at what was then unknowingly to become the penultimate ever BasFest.. before Tory boys Ball, Blake, Horgan al scrapped it for good.. this was the first of several protest films against the councils lack of support for art and culture in the town. Stan has a major art attack and is put into a dream like coma, as a result of all the stress those Blue meanies from the council had put him under. 

Bas Oddity Part II | 2009

This was also the first two parter, which may have been a mistake in hindsight.. but hey ho.. there was an awful lot to complain about!  And so, that Summer, Old Man Stan went from loveable, if somewhat grumpy puppet pensioner to angry old age activist. Even buskers were on the councils hit list! 

Bazzo Christmas Part I | 2009

Christmas 2009, and Stan is revived from his coma, via an out of body encounter with his Fairy Godmother, Chavabelle.  It’s Christmas Stan and people are expecting you.. Well.. perhaps Mrs B and Mrs F are hoping to hear from you.  More council mockery ensues by way of trademark cut out animations.

Bazzo Christmas Part II | 2009

Another ‘two-parter’, it makes a mockery of such things as the councils parking spy car, the councils plan to allow waste to be tipped over the towns golf course and also the destruction of parks and public art.. as well as the now regular theme of protesting the councils ignorant approach to the value of local art and culture. 

Old Man Stan's Help For Heroes Christmas | 2010

The Help For Heroes Christmas video and the money that was raised around it, really proves that when councils bend in the breeze and work with local artists, great things can be achieved.  Nearly £2500 was raised for the charity and the video was ultra community minded that year, with the kids from Kingswood Primary joining in for a rousing chorus of Merry Christmas (War is Over).  But the council soon started to renege on false promises and relations between not just artists, but the wider community and the council were to become more strained than ever!