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War hero, pensioner, swimmer of widths, singer of songs, local historian, activist, guru, genius, philanthropop, former Izal poster boy, former Margaret Rutherford’s stunt double and all round good egg! Still living the dream in the Moon on a Monday and loving the life in me beloved Basildon, Essex.

Still got a spring in me step and a sting in me tail ..and a couple more dangerous years yet to come I reckon ..with a moderate breeze in the right direction.. and me tablets.. must remember me tablets! Yer!

My Town (New Town Utopia) Lyrics

Now there’s a place that you might now, just down the A13..
it gets it’s share of knocks and mockery..
And I’ll be the first to say that it aint exactly paradise
But I know it sure as hell beats where I’ve been!

It was bombed out London ’49, we were up to our necks in squalor and grime.. And an outside bog that we shared with the rest of the street!
There was smog in your face and no green space
and even Her Maj said it was a disgrace
So old Lewis Silkin’s act was made complete.

Well we all moved down with tools in our ‘ands, it was all us boys what built this town
We’d never seen so many fields of green!
Like western pioneers we came, with our East End hearts to the Essex plains
To build a town like you have never seen.

It was put up quick with concrete mix and though some might call it Brutalist
I was a model modern marvel of a town
No smokin’ factories down the street, t’was all mod cons and gardens neat
Estates with parks and boating lakes abound!

Well I remember nights we used to spar, in that old Bullseye market bar.. but we would still be pals and drink our fill
The beer was weak and the talk was cheap, but sometimes you could pay next week
If you were being served by Laindon Lil.

Well over the years they’ve changed the gaff, they’ve took the best and left the naff
And some of the things they took I’ll never forgive
Council lifers without a clue, who think they know what’s best for you
But it’s the real people what make the place you live.

So who cares if it often mocked, coz I know how it is and was.. its the nicest place I’ve ever lived by far
I’ve made it me own and in my heart it’s home.. and even if I sometimes moan
It’s my town.. New town utopia!  
Coz where your heart is, thats your home and you can bet I’ll never roam
from my town, New town utopia!