Become a GHHQ secret agent..

Down ‘ere at GHHQ what not many people know nuffink about.. We are the old age eyes and ears of the town.. keeping an eye on all the shenanigans down at the council.. coz you gotta watch that lot.. they’ll ‘av the false teeth out ya granny if they catch her snoozing.. she don’t even have to be snoozing!

We keep an eye out on all those on the manor who like to slip themselves into busy positions of influence.

We are based in an underground bunker on the site of the original George Hurd.. When the town was set up, me and some of the other old timers quickly realised that we need to keep watching. There’s always some slippery bugger who wants to mess up the situation for everyone else.

Join us! Got some goings on that you think we should be making a noise about? Heard something you think we should be broadcasting to the rest of the town? Post us information here in total confidence and we’ll investimagate right away! Yer!

Speak up Brown you’re through!

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